Combat can be a chaotic and fluid environment. Look inside for stunning video from the war in Afghanistan. Read more…

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Forehand Family

Forehand Family

For most Americans the Korean War is long over.  However, for Tennessee native Tom Forehand Jr., the war never ended.  You see, his father, Army Master Sergeant Tom Forehand Sr., came up missing in April 1951 on Hill 412 which was overrun by Chinese Communist forces. Tom Jr. has spent most of his life wondering and researching about Hill 412 and the whereabouts of his father.  He is now making 130 pages of his research available to his fellow military history researchers and others interested in the bloody Korean War. Look inside for an excerpt describing the battle of Hill 412 and a link to Forehand’s entire work. Read more…

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Philippine Insurrection: “Gallant Fight by American Troops”

Few Americans know anything about the Philippine Insurrection or Philippine-American Revolution. Shortly after Spain surrendered ending the Spanish-American War in 1998, fighting broke out after it was made clear that the U.S. would not grant the Philippines, a former Spanish colony, independence. The “insurrection” ended in 1902 with a U.S. victory at a cost of 4,000 American dead and 20,000 rebel casualties. A whopping 500,000 Filipino civilians were also killed according to Some insurgents continued guerrilla operations until 1913. Read more…

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Historic Video: Army horse training during World War I

wooden horsesNearly a quarter million horse and mules were used by the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. Almost 70,000 of those died in during the War. Although the gasoline automobile had been around since 1892, the horse was still widely used. Read more…

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Rare video: U.S. Army in World War I

U.S. Army artillerymen in World War I.

U.S. Army artillerymen in World War I.

One hundred years ago the United States of America was watching anxiously while European powers slaughtered each other. In 1917 America would enter World War I and catch the tail end of the worst war the world had experienced up to that time. The U.S. would go on to suffer over 320,000 casualties. Look inside for rare video footage of the U.S. Army in World War I.

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