Army Video World War II

Real Combat Footage: Arnstadt and Bamberg, Germany 1945

Video of house to house fighting in Arnstadt and Bamberg, Germany in 1945 during World War II.

– 10 April 1945 Excellent scenes, elements of 89th Inf Div enter city after terrific artillery barrage. In the bg fires engulf houses. Seq: Soldier batters down door of house and enters; another rushes in behind him.LS, Pan, burning houses in city. RV, split file of infantrymen move along road. Four medics in fg lie in ditch alongside of road.

INFANTRY ADVANCE TO RUHR RIVER Bochum, Germany – 12 April 1945 Seq: Civilians help soldiers of “D” Co, 134th Inf Regt, 35th Div, remove roadblocks Linden. Civilian looters enter bldg and carry out butter. RVs, infantrymen entering town. Ints from behind machine gunner as he fires 30 cal MG from the window.LS, MS, wrecked German fighter plane in open field.Record Group 111CU, wrecked German 88mm gun.

ATTACK FOR town Bamberg, Germany – 13 April 45 LS, Pan, shelled and burning bldgs in city.CU sign: “Bamberg. “LS, roof and second story of house in flames. In fg is road sign: ” Bamberg”.Cut to MS, same house as large number of German soldiers exit and surrender to troops of 3rd Bn, 180th Regt, 45th Div. CUs to MLSs, US tank halted at roadblock. LS, house in flames. Cut to tank in fg firing gun directly at houses.MS from behind screened fence, American soldier fires rifle and then runs for cover.LS, tank dozer clears roadblock. Tanks pass thru and advance along streetFollow shot, tanks and infantrymen advance along street. In bg houses are inflames.MCU, US tank fires gun. Cut to roadblock ahead of tank. CUs, tank dozer knocking down roadblock.

Source: National Archives.