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Video: 1st Infantry Division, 18th Infantry Regiment March 1966 Vietnam

1st Infantry Division

Raw video of soldiers from the United States Army’s 1st Battalion, of the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) in March, 1966 in Vietnam.

1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment. Award ceremony with HQ, A, B, and C companies assembled. COL Alfred E. Milloy. CU, 1st Bn presenting awards to soldiers. VS, soldiers moving through a rubber plantation and dense foliage. VS, UH-1H copter lands. Soldiers carry supplies away. AVs, jungle. LS, UH-1Ds taking off. VS, soldiers, with M-16 rifles, moving through the woods. MS, soldier firing M-14 rifle. VS, soldier firing M-79 grenade launcher. MS, medic treating a wounded soldier. MS, soldier with bloody head bandages being helped by medic.