Air Force Video Vietnam

U.S. Air Force Bombs and Strafes Enemy in Vietnam 1967

Over an hour of U.S. Air Force bombing and strafing videos from 1967 in Vietnam. Check the list of pilots to see if one of your veteran friends or family was involved.

Army Video World War II

Real Combat Footage: Arnstadt and Bamberg, Germany 1945

Video of house to house fighting in Arnstadt and Bamberg, Germany in 1945 during World War II.

Air Force Army Video World War II

Real Combat Footage: Airborne Operations During the Battle of the Bulge

Watch real combat footage of Army units from the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions in or near Bastogne fighting in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

Army Korea

First Combat Jump During Korean War (187th Regt.)

Video of the U.S. Army’s 187th Regiment paratroopers jumping into North Korea to cut off Communist retreat.

Army Video

Must See: 1933 .50 Cal Machine Gun Training Video

The Browning M-2 .50 Cal machine gun is still in heavy use by the U.S. Armed Forces today. Check out one of the first training for the .50 cal videos produced by the Army.


First Infantry Division Vietnam 1965-1970

Video of First Infantry Division conducting combat operations in Vietnam from 1965-1970.

Army Video Vietnam

Amazing speech by MOH winner Army MSG Roy Benavidez

Army Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez was a true hero who shared his heart-wrenching life story the day he was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Ronald Reagan. The video inside contains comments by the President and then an amazing speech by an American hero.

Korea Navy Video

Korean War: Real Air Combat Footage

U.S.S. Boxer and F4U Corsairs
U.S.S. Boxer and F4U Corsairs

Naval F4U Corsairs from the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Boxer strafe Chinese and North Korean positions during the Korean War.

Army Video Vietnam

Video: 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, May 1966

Video of the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division (Big Red 1) C Company 1/18 Infantry Battalion in Vietnam. The footage was taken between May 3-18, 1966.

Army Video World War I

A 107-year Old World War I Veteran Tells of Sniper Encounter

107-year-old William J. Lake discusses an encounter with a German sniper at the battle of Meuse-Argonne in 1918.

Afghanistan Army Video

Real Combat Footage From Afghanistan War


Combat can be a chaotic and fluid environment. Look inside for stunning video from the war in Afghanistan.

Army Civil War Medal of Honor Citations

Medal of Honor Citation: Christian Albert

Army Medal of HonorMedal of Honor Citation: Christian Albert
Rank: Private
Organization: U.S. Army
Company: Company G
Division: 47th Ohio Infantry
Born: Cincinnati, Ohio
Departed: Yes
Date of Issue: 08/10/1895
Place / Date: At Vicksburg, Miss., 22 May 1863
Citation: Gallantry in the charge of the “volunteer storming party.”